The following rules are accepted by every player on the server

Server Rules can be updated frequently, check back regularly for updates.


1. Racial comments or slurs will not be tolerated in our Discord channels, in-game global chat, and any direct communication between players in-game.


2. Offensive photos or text will not be tolerated and will be removed immediately.


3. Harrassment towards the server owner and admins will not be tolerated.


4. The server owner and admins reserve the right to kick or ban any player they deem that has broken any of the rules on the server.


5. If you believe that you are a victim of player abuse or hacking, please take screenshots, if possible video evidence and open a support ticket through our Discord.

Trader Safe Zone


1. No shooting at NPC's and/or disrupting NPC's in a manner which they can not function.


2. "Camping" trader safe zones is kind of a grey area so, here is our rules... 


Once you leave the trader area and the safe zone timer expires, you are and will be at the mercy of other players, animals, sickness, ect. 


You will have to choose and decide which exit out of the safe zone will be the safest route for you or your group.


3. No stealing from players at the trader safe zones and Do Not block players in any manner from trading with the NPC's.


4. Do Not leave or store your personal gear or vehicles at trader safe zones. These item's will be cleaned up and deleted.


5. Do not park or leave vehicles in the purchase zones (between cones). Parking or leaving vehicles in these areas is prohibited.


6. Farming cannabis at any trader zone is Not allowed. All other vegetable crops are allowed if, not blocking road ways or preventing trading in any way.


7. If caught or reported breaking these rules, you may be temporarily banned from the server.

Helicopters & Vehicles


In the current state of DayZ Expansion, helicopters are completely unstable. Purchase and fly at your own risk! 


Vehicles are mostly stable until server pop reaches 30 online players. After this threshold, vehicles become very unstable. Purchase and drive at your own risk!


As of 10/10/2020 any compensation requests for despawned or "bugged" helicopters and vehicles will be denied by Admins. 


Tickets received regarding helicopters and vehicles will be closed immediately! 


This rule is subject to revision in the future.


Note: Attempts at scamming an admin into giving you a free helicopter or vehicle will be met with a ban. This is your only warning. We have logs to see if you had a chopper or vehicle.

Troubleshooting Tips:

1. Do not leave your vehicle in buildings where loot spawns. This will make your vehicle despawn.


2. Find flat surfaces or use base building foundations to build flat surfaces to park your vehicle on.

Combat Logging

"Combat logging" is a term used by players, it's not a mechanic the game recognizes. If you disconnect during combat, you are "combat logging."


Regardless of when/where/how you disconnect, it takes about 15 seconds for your character to disappear. If your character is killed before it disappears, you die and have to start fresh. This includes crashing and network errors. Your character still stays for 15 seconds.


The term comes from the DayZ Mod for ARMA2, where disconnecting (Alt-F4) would instantly make you disappear and safely avoid getting killed. It was very frowned upon and still is.
Now that you have read what combat logging is, Do Not combat log. If reported and found to have combat logged, you will be warned. If a pattern is established where you are willfully combat logging, you will be banned from our server. 

Building Rules


1. Do Not build in military areas. If you do, your entire base and contents will be deleted.


2. Garden plots - Do Not stack garden plots! This is a bannable offense on our server.


3. Do Not obstruct any cement mixers located on the map. These mixers are for public player use only.


4. Do not manipulate base building collision to raid bases. Exploiting collision using base building materials and in-game objects to raid bases may result in a ban. If you are reading this rule, consider this your warning.


Examples: Using BBP holograms to gain access into a players base or using garden plots to build stairs.

Note: This does not preclude you from building or stacking items in a reasonable manner that doesn't exploit collision. 


Examples: Building a watchtower, standing on top of a car, or using your friend's back/shoulders to jump into a base.
5. Do Not build outside of the map (debug zone).


If your character dies in the debug zone or loses gear, you will not be compensated.

If you build in the debug zone and lose building materials or your base despawns, you will not be compensated for this error. 


6. Building Errors - Admins may help remove building errors if, all efforts have been exhausted. Next step, create a ticket.

Temporary and permanent bans will be issued to players who break rules. The type of ban and ban period will be set according to the rule broken.